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By visiting your farm periodically we can analyse your methods and it allows us to discuss improvements concerning your herd management and disease control. Our reports are thorough and the recommendations brought to you are personalized according to your concerns. We propose action plans, vaccination and medicine programs to prevent diseases, improve health management and optimize production.


Our diagnoses concerning your herd health are as rigorous as possible, we want the best diagnostic analyses to be able to apply the appropriate solution. Our action plan for treatment and prevention of the problem will be based on historical production data and test results.


Our main goal is to help our customers in being as competitive as possible. We also propose consultation services concerning herd management. Being involved in swine production allows us to really comprehend the reality of producers on many levels and to be on top of the market and new technologies.


Our customers can manage their production data with the suggested software PigKnows. This software enables our customers to organize production data effectively. An exclusive system in PigKnows allows automatic computerizing of hand-written data with an optical character’s recognition scan. We also provide monthly updated reports, we believe in the importance of setting goals and regularly analysing production data. Please do not hesitate to ask us for more information!


From collection to conception, we provide all the tools and service YOU need. 

We offer on-farm boar semen evaluations to ensure you are using high quality boars in your barn. On-farm AI support is provided as needed and we have all the supplies you need.

Major advantages:

  • Identify boars with low quality semen as soon as possible

  • Ensure productive boars on entry

  • Reduce the number of open sows and non-productive sow days

Maximize the return on investment of your boar program!


Precision is committed in business innovation and excellence which gives us the opportunity to offer our customers a complete and personalized service. Always at your disposal, our team has the mission to contribute to your success by offering training solutions tailored to your needs and increase your company's performances.

Company training

Our qualified team may come to you for a personalized training session adapted to the reality of your production. Over twenty hours of training videos are at your disposal. Farrowing, cross-fostering, specimens, four-week batches schedule, euthanasia, health follow-ups of the herd, secure work environment, use of web tools such as Atlas are just some of the subjects that can be addressed.

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