• Precision Vet


Precision Vet officially started up on February 1st, 2019, with Dr. Kurt Preugschas at the helm. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions with a complete and comprehensive experience at the veterinary service level, while prioritizing health and financial interests. We work in collaboration with other swine practices, with about twenty veterinarians covering Canada from coast to coast, we share experience and knowledge in order to optimize our on-farm interventions.

Precision Vet offers a wide range of services. On top of the herd health management, we can support pork producers with CQA\ACA program validation, biosecurity planning, production data management, training and much more.


HERD HEALTH: We support pork producers in their herd health management through strategies and recommendations based on their needs in an innovative and efficient thought process.

YOUR HEALTH FILE ONLINE: Online orders, lab results, vet reports, and more, filed and accessible anytime!

R&D: Our team works on many R&D projects to improve health, management, and animal nutrition.

PHARMACY SERVICES: Wide selection of herd meds, vaccines, feed meds and essentials, available for delivery or pick up at our location.

LABORATORY: Our customers benefit from a complete range of analyses meeting the needs of swine production.